Sunshine, skill and great competition at our Beecroft Bowling club

I forgot to read my emails again so it was an amazing surprise to turn up to The Beecroft Club for an afternoon of bowls, and find the place packed with spectators and a scintillating game well underway.

We were pumped and ready to defend our title as Beecroft Mixed Pairs champions. That quickly went out the window as we were drawn in, to watch true champions fighting out the Region 16 playoff of the Mixed 3 Bowls Pairs 2017.

I think I may have mentioned more than once that I feel sorry for people who don’t play bowls and today was a day to back up my way of thinking!

Have a look at these photos and what do you see?

  • The winners – Shirley and Danny
  • The Beecroft Club so beautiful – sunshine and trees, blues and greens.
  • Friends
  • The weekend – forget about work.
  • Competition!

Never underestimate the competition.

At Beecroft the prize of the Mixed Pairs is the most coveted. I couldn’t believe how many people were down there practicing ahead of the game – championship aside.

170729 Players by Checkbox 3D

Even better, every team has a chance. There are some fabulous teams and you’d be crazy to pick a winner at this stage.

Back to the Mixed 3 Bowls Pairs.

The teams playing were Northern Suburbs, represented by Liz Harris and Greg Holme from Asquith; and from Mitchell, Shirley del la Harpe and Danny Phillips from The Hills;  and, from Macquarie Dave Nelson and Ivy Hitchins of North Ryde RSL.

The second game between North Ryde (Macquarie) and the Hills (Mitchell) was a nail biter of an extremely high standard not often seen at Beecroft. Congratulations Mitchell on winning both matches and thus the day.

What next for this competition? The State Playoff will be at Taren Point on Sunday 15th October 2017 .

Are you reading this and wish you could join in? Contact us and you can try Lawn Bowls at Beecroft. We’ll show you the finer points so you will be playing with the best of us before you know where you are.

After the excitement of the Region 16 Playoff we got on with our afternoon of bowls at Beecroft.  There were some impressive games in the first round of the Mixed Pairs. The social players also had a great afternoon of bowls from all accounts.

Looking forward to the next game!

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