There’s a big gap between intent and execution

Checkbox 3DIf you’ve ever chanced your hand at bowls you know what I mean. If you turned up to watch the final of the mixed pairs today you understand even more poignantly.

We’ve discussed in earlier posts that the mixed pairs is the most coveted trophy of The Beecroft Club. So, for the final to come down to a draw at the end of 21 ends, forced into an extra end – a beautiful place to be.

Perhaps the combatants didn’t see it that way.

Decisions by Checkbox 3D Pty LtdThe footage from the game showed it on their faces. The usual joviality of a game of bowls was pushed aside as every fibre of their being was poised for the perfect bowl.

Yes, it is true, no matter how much we practice, sometimes there’s a big gap between intent and execution*. Although the two teams displayed great skill, there is only so much that the mind will deliver when one’s bowl means the difference between glory and defeat.

The last and extra end were perfect examples, as the lead swapped from one to the other team. In the end, there will always only be one team to take the trophy.

Congratulations to both teams

Mixed pairs final by Noelene Davisfor providing great spectator sport.

Were you listening to the radio this week as the future of lawn bowls was discussed on Radio 702?  James Valentine suggested that bowls was a boring game.  I challenge you, James to come join us for a game at Beecroft.  Nothing boring here.  That was also the sentiment of callers to the show.  It is not just Beecroft that is shaking up the game.  The CEO from Bowls Australia put in his two cents worth for future innovation. So too did the ordinary bowlers from near and far.

I digress!  For today, congratulations to Helen Helen Hynd and Wal Saville for their narrow defeat of Lesley Hines and Richard Dooley in the big prize – The Beecroft Club Mixed Pairs 2017.

See also the update in BIAS.

What about the rest of us?

Social players by Checkbox 3DNo shortage of social bowlers on the green today, though many were distracted watching the final.  Check out the gallery. Did BIAS capture you in full flight?

*Quote from Geoff Ashton