Men’s Bowls 2018

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President’s report 2017-2018

It is with pleasure that I submit this report on the activities of the Men’s Bowling Club for the year ending September 2018.

2018-19 committee

President: Craig Davis (also Match committee)
Vice President: Vacant
Treasurer: Ken Harrison (also Board Liaison)
Bowls Secretary: John Vanderlight (also Match committee)
Assistant Bowls Secretary: David Hazell (also Zone delegate)


Richard Dooley (also Chairman of Match, Raffles)
Arnold Burling (also Greens)
Michael Nolan
Clem Cawley (also welfare and member retention)

Wal Saville (also Chairman of Selectors)
Ray Martin (also Chairman of Umpires)
Ken McLennan
John King
Geoff Ashton
Board member (also Board member)

Bowling activities

The adverse weather conditions that were a problem last year were nowhere as prominent this year.

Club championships

As at 11th September 2018, the following championships have been played. See the gallery below for results or go to The Beecroft Club Honour Boards

Championship – Winner(s) – Runner(s) up
Major singles – Craig Davis – Wal Saville
Major pairs – Clem Cawley and Ron Inch – Phil Martin and Ray Martin
Triples – Yet to be played
Fours – Phil Short, Phil Martin, Ray Martin and Richard Morris – Wal Saville, John Vanderlight, Ron Inch and Neill Harrison
Veterans’ singles – Wal Saville – John Fuller
Minor singles – John Vanderlight – Joe Leotta
Tyro singles – John Rigglesford – Alex Palacios
Major-minor pairs – Joe Leotta and Michael Nolan – Armen Bekarian and Ron Inch
Mixed pairs – Currently being played
Mixed triples – Yet to be played
Wal Hind memorial pairs – Geoff Ashton and Craig Davis – Sue Watt and John Vanderlight

Again, some new faces are on the podium this year.

Pennants 2018

After the disappointment of finishing last in Grade Three in 2017, it was hoped that Beecroft could bounce back in Grade Four in 2018. We had a reasonable start to the season, but our run was somewhat stymied mid season through injuries and unavailability of key players. It is likely that the late start to the Pennants this year was a factor in the unavailability of some players. After that slow start, the Fours then really came through in the second half of the season, winning 3 out of 5 matches, with one noticeable loss by only one point to the section winners, Dundas!

The Sixes had a tough year, finishing last in their section. We should look a little deeper into the results. They had three narrow losses, of 7 shots or less. In addition, there were five rounds where they were leading at the 33 end mark, only to fall away to a loss at 63 ends. So, not all bad, and with stable teams next year, there can be some more positive results from the Sixes.

Other bowls competitions

Beecroft has provided many teams for the new Living Choice Triples this year in the district. Beecroft teams have been on the podium many times during the year and have done the club proud. Most noticeably, at the Beecroft hosted Graded Triples, there were two Beecroft teams on the podium: Fifth place and First place.

Beecroft hosted Bowral for the annual Bowral Cup event in early August. This year Beecroft prevailed this year to take the cup back from Bowral.


We have several new club members: Ross Franklin, Gerard Hawkins, Ian Hay, Brian Lawrie, Bill Hain and Barry Wall. Welcome to the club!

Vale to our Life Member, John Perkins, who passed away on 25 August 2018, aged 101 years. John had been a member of the Beecroft Bowling Club since 1962, and, as a builder, he was heavily involved in the building of the Clubhouse.

John Candy, who has been an enthusiastic bowler at the club has unfortunately had to resign due to ongoing health issues. Thank you John, for your participation in the club and I wish you well and hope you have a speedy recovery to full health.

As the weather warms up through Spring and Summer, I hope that the committee can turn its attention to looking further into activities to introduce new members to the club.

Social activities

Throughout the year there have been several social or bowls events organized, including Crazy Whist, the Christmas party, Australia Day, Anzac Day and Long weekend games, including the Wal Hind Memorial pairs on the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. Great thanks to all the organisers of these events.

Activities this year
  • Continued support of the monthly Friday pizza night.
  • Well established regular email newsletters to keep members and sponsors up to date (thanks John Vanderlight, Carol Galvin and Lyn Thornewell).
  • Noelene Davis continues to provide great information to members and the public at large through the Beecroft Club website.
Special thanks

I would like to give special thanks to all our hard working committee members who have really stood up to help out at any time throughout the year. It is rewarding work to be part of the Beecroft Club family. Particular thanks go to John Vanderlight. He has done a tremendous amount of work organizing events and he always does a huge amount of behind-the-scenes administration.

I would also like to give thanks to all the other volunteers who are doing all those essential things which mean so much to the smooth running and maintenance of the club. Your support is invaluable.

Wal Saville and his team of selectors deserve praise for doing a stirling job all year to select for social, pennants and events. This can be a high pressure job to get the right balance when managing form and personalities of our bowling group.

Thanks to Ray Martin and his group of umpires who always step up when required to officiate in our competition matches. We now have three new umpires this year, namely David Hazell, myself and Scott Byrnes, so this should help to alleviate some of the workload for our current umpires.

Special mention also to Lyn Thornewell, who provided great assistance in running the bar and setting up the food for afternoon tea during Pennants. She was often running the bar during Sunday and Monday social bowls events.

Joint bowls activities with the Women’s Club

It is a pleasure to report that the Men’s and Women’s Clubs continue to more operate closely with each other, through Tuesdays and Wednesdays being mixed days (open to both Clubs for playing), and ongoing support for the mixed pairs and triples tournaments. The Women’s Club is of course very ably run by Lindy Saville and her team and the Men’s Club looks to continue the close relationship with the Women’s Club in the coming years. The future of the Beecroft Club lies with more and more amalgamation of bowling and event activities between the two clubs.

Craig Davis


Earlier this year:

Men’s Major Pairs – Congratulations Ron Inch and Clem Cawley on there win in the final over the team of Ray and Phil Martin.

Men’s Major 4’s – Won for the 2nd year running by the team of Phil Short, Phil Martin, Ray Martin & Richard Morris (ably assisted by Clem Cawley) over the team of Wal Saville, John Vanderlight, Ron Inch & Neill Harrison.

Men’s Major/Minor Pairs – Semi-finals this Saturday (24th Feb) – Bob Catherall & John Vanderlight v Armen Bekarian & Ron Inch, Joe Leotta & Michael Nolan v Joe Frare & Wal Saville.

Mens program 2018