Beecroft Fives Goes International

Is there anywhere better than Beecroft to get a game of bowls?

These two are giving lawn bowls in the desert a fair crack. Not bad style – we may even recruit them for the mixed pairs this year!

Still, you’d struggle to get past all those short bowls, so better come to Beecroft instead!

Fives at Five is on again, Friday 16 February

I’m certainly too far away but I expect you all to head on down to The Beecroft Club this Friday for pizza and bowls.

Our famous Third Friday Pizza PLUS a game of bowls

◊    5:00 pm: Turn up, grab a drink from the bar

◊    5:30 sharp: Names in for bowls, order your pizza

◊    ASAP: Step onto the green for two bowl triples

What else:

  • 2 games of 5 ends for just $10.
  • Then pizza and a quiet drink with friends new and old
  • Pizza arrives around 7 pm
  • If you’re not bowling come down any time and socialise
  • Come down even if it’s raining – we can still socialise and have pizza
  • (We don’t have child care facilities at this stage).

Just turn up

Be ready to order your pizzas:

  Small Large
Supreme $13 $18
Meat lovers $13 $18
Mexicana $13 $18
Vegetarian $13 $18
Tuscan Chicken $16 $22


Where do you think this desert game of bowls is being played, back packs and all?  Let me know your best guess.